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Financial Planning

When i started my business, i knew everything about how to run my business. However could not grow it much with limited funds. Banks rejected my loan applications due to irregularities in by accounts and omission of many important entries


Accounting Service

I am a trader and quite busy with my business activity & i could not find time to maintain all documents of financial transactions. At the time of finalization of my accounts, i lost a couple of good business opportunities as i was busy with clearing suspense entries, collecting bills and statements and it was quite disturbing & i was looking for someone to fix it all.

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Business Advisory

The key challenge for any enterprise is to operate in a sustainable manner. It is very important for any business or service or professional enterprise to adopt strategic planning to achieve its long term goals and objectives and optimize the present resources.

Tax Planning

Depending on the type of business activity such as business enterprise or a business trader or a service provider or a profession, nature of the business or service or profession the Client has to pay various taxes which includes but are not limited to income tax, service tax, professional tax and various local taxes.