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IBG Fincon is one of the fastest growing Business Financial Planning Companies in Maharashtra. IBG Fincon delivers full fledged tailor made Business Financial Planning Services that add long-term value to the growth of Small and medium businesses and professionals. With our Qualified, Trained and Customer Oriented team we reach to urban, Semi-urban and rural locations across Maharashtra and aspire to reach across India.

At IBG, we understand that Business Financial matters are delicate and we therefore we offer personalized and customized services to take cognizance of every aspect in minute details and draw a dedicated plan to help clients reap greater benefits in specific duration. Our Business Financial Planning Services suite includes Book Keeping, Account Writing, Tax Planning, Capital Management, Investment Advisory and Business Advisory services. At IBG Fincon, we are committed to provide the core and allied services in a highly professional manner with strong ethical values.

With speedy analysis and effective solutions, IBG Fincon is committed to serve aspiring entrepreneurs, unbanked masses of country to small and medium businesses and bigger players. IBG Fincon believes that India’s growth is driven by strong domestic consumption story that is unstoppable and we are adequately capitalized to enable our clients to exploit the opportunities emerging from this robust economic growth. We also aim to help businesses in unorganized sectors to grow by creating value through our Business Financial Planning suite.

We are committed to our clients, all the stakeholders and the society in general and which is seen in the highest levels of ethical standards, professional integrity, corporate governance and regulatory compliance that we practice since inception.

Brief History

IBG Fincon

Innovative Business Group commenced its operations in 2006 as a small enterprise in financial Service sector with handful employees offering Book Keeping and Accounting services. Now in 2015, Innovative Business Group has successfully offered core services through flagship company IBG Fincon Solutions Pvt Ltd, a company that challenges all limits in the Business Financial Planning sector. Since its inception IBG Fincon grew leaps and bounds in its operations and within a short period it has secured trust of hundreds of independent businesses, startup companies, entrepreneurs, established companies and firms with their combined turnover scaling above INR 450 Crores per annum. IBG Fincon now has ten branches in various cities of Maharashtra with expected expansion all over India by 2024.

IBG Fincon during this period has established itself as a standard bearer of transparency in the financial market and has strictly complied with SEBI act and directions of Ministry of Finance, Govt of India. The clients have acknowledged the services of IBG Fincon and have received proper assessment of their financial flow and received legitimate rewards as a result of Business Financial Planning blueprint provided by IBG Fincon.

With a qualified staff with decades of experience with top Banks and within Financial Services industry, IBG Fincon has achieved high level of perfection in complex matters of investments and taxes with the help of its organized work force to help clients attain sustainable financial growth which is aligned with client’s vision of their business or enterprise. IBG Fincon has constantly created higher benchmarks for itself in Financial Planning service sector.

One of the feathers in IBG Fincon’s hat of honors and achievements is its appointment as a business correspondent by "Bank of India".


IBG Fincon holds its vision to be leader by providing world class services and values to clients with Indian sentiments in mind. The organization thrives to implement best Service delivery practices in Book Keeping and Accountancy, Tax planning, Capital management and Investments Advisory.


To become a pioneer in providing services relating to Financial Planning

To be a leader in setting and trending dynamics of financial dealings and providing consultation in Financial Planning

To be the most ethical and transparent financial advisory

To be the most client oriented and expert in operational excellence and

To cater services across India.

IBG Group Companies

Board of Directors

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Board of Committee

Audit Committee
Board Governance, Remuneration &
Nomination Committee / Stakeholders Relationship
Mr. Shriganesh Bansod – Chairman
Ms. Harshada Babar
Mr. Rahim Jariya
Ms Jyoti Gholap
Mr. Shriganesh Bansod - Chairman
Mr. Rahim Jariya
Ms. Harshada Babar
Ms. Sultana Jariya
Corporate Social Responsibility CommitteeCustomer Service Committee
Mr. Shriganesh Bansod – Chairman
Ms. Harshada Babar
Mr. Sanjay Chaudhari
Ms Jyoti Kadam
Ms. Ayushi Chaukse
Mr. Shriganesh Bansod – Chairman
Mr. Sanjay Chaudhari
Mr. Shrikant Dahihande
Credit CommitteeFraud / Risk Monitoring Committee
Mr. Shriganesh Bansod – Chairman
Mr. Rahim Jariya
Mr. Shriganesh Bansod – Chairman
Ms. Harshada Babar
Mr. Somanath Kadam
Mr. Sanjay Chaudhari
Mr. Shrikant Dahihande
Mr. Rahim Jaria
Information Technology Strategy CommitteeFraud / Risk Monitoring Committee
Mr. Shriganesh Bansod – Chairman
Mr. Anand Magar
Mr. Sanjay Chaudhari
Mr. Shriganesh Bansod – Chairman
Ms. Harshada Babar
Mr. Rahim Jariya

Career Opportunities

Being in a highly challenging and high expertise services IBG Fincon understands its employees/team and offers energetic, transparent and exceptional work environment. Under the guidance of highly qualified and experienced members of the team, the incumbent shall be groomed to excel and achieve expertise in a chosen domain of the Financial Planning.

IBG Fincon is an equal opportunity organization. We follow a unique non-hierarchical work flow where responsibilities and independent decision-making process enables an incumbent to achieve highest potential.

The organization believes that its employees and workforce make a company and only through their talent and expertise a company can attain its vision. IBG Fincon promises a rewarding career with excellent growth and opportunities. We welcome to join IBG Fincon. Please send your latest updated resume to hr-manager@ibgfincon.com


IBG FINCON SOLUTIONS PVT LTD has been awarded with Indian Leadership Award for Industrial Development by All India Achievers Foundation (AIAF), New Delhi.

IBG Awards

This has been a proud moment for IBG FINCON SOLUTIONS PVT LTD, a Stand Alone Business Financial Planning Company based in Pune, Maharashtra, India. The All India Achievers Foundation (www.aiaf.org.in), which is based in New Delhi, India, has been awarded the company with “Indian Leadership Award for Industrial Development” Award along with CMD Mr. Shriganesh Bansod . This award is widely recognised at National level and is recognition of the outstanding contribution done in their respective fields of Business Financial Planning.

Mr. Shriganesh Bansod was invited to attend and participate at Special Award Ceremony Followed by National Seminar on “Outstanding Contributions to National Development”, which was held at Habitat Center New Delhi on Friday, 07th Feb, 2015. Mr. Shriganesh Bansod received the award at the Award ceremony at New Delhi for his contributions in the field of Retail Business Financial Planning, the core services delivered by the Company.

The AIAF is a non-profit voluntary organization that has been registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. The organization highlights and awards the sincere efforts of individuals as well as organizations which have created platforms, systems, and models to help the Nation with sustainable Economic, Social, Environmental changes.

The mission of AIAF (All India Achievers Foundation) is to ensure as well as strengthen the socio-economic well-being of individuals and communities. Concentrating on the theme “how successful achievers can help in the social as well as economic infrastructural development of the society in and around the country”, AIAF provides examples of social entrepreneurs as well as successful models of social and corporate business partnership in the country. The foundation is engaged in sharing opinions, ideas, knowledge, and strategic know how on key issues concerning economic progress in India.

Social Responsibility

Social Work

Human beings is a social animal and social environment plays a very important role in his development. And Social organizations are channels to provide this environment. Even working for the development of nearby areas and well being and welfare of the local residents would serve this purpose. This work will result in social change which is important for social well being. To play its role effectively, IBG Foundation is working in important areas like Education, Health, Environment, etc.

The focus areas are providing clean drinking water in the selected areas, spreading awareness about importance of cleanliness, blood donation and organ donations etc and have started some activities with this purpose as well. Government runs programs to build toilets in rural areas however due to lack of effective implementation, the needy are still unable to avail the benefits. The Foundation plans to build toilets in rural areas and also spread awareness about prevention of contagious diseases. IBG Foundation has started spreading awareness and through the use of technology will work to bring at least some critical change in the present worsened system and infrastructure.

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