Book Keeping & Accountancy

IBG Fincon offers a full range of Bookkeeping and Accounting service for all types of businesses, business traders, service providers, manufacturers, agriculturists, agriculture based businesses and professionals, herein after referred to as the Client. We provide in depth and exceptional aspects of their books that enables the service seeker efficient and effective future Financial Planning

We strive to deliver financial and accounting solutions that is the core of successfully running a business enterprise. Our solutions are designed to ensure smooth running of process leading to maximization of profit.

One of the advantages of hiring our services is that a huge expenditure on book-keeping and accounting is obviated since the Client need not require the in-house staff. Our expertise in Indian Accounting Standards helps in simplifying complex issues and effective solutions for unique competitive edge. We provide speedy, timely, cost effective and customized accounting solutions for all needs of clients from multi-crore business enterprise to an individual professional.

Book Keeping & Accountancy



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