Capital Management

Working capital of a company is one of the most important measures in any financial statement. It reflects the financial health and market standing of a company. Working capital means cash flows in, around and out of a business or service or a professional enterprise. It is the blood and of every enterprise and every entrepreneur or a businessman or a professional has to keep the cash flowing to generate profits. The business operating profitably should reserve the cash surpluses in anticipation of the undesired or unforeseen threat to the business.

Faster a business expands more the cash it will need for working capital and investment. The cheapest and best source of cash is to generate a working capital within business. However, in the initial phase of the enterprise or expanding the business activities the cash has to be pumped from other sources. This is when the IBG Fincon steps in to arrange cash from the outside sources at competitive interest rates.

We, at IBG Fincon use a combination of policies and techniques for capital management. In our efforts, we tailor policies and techniques in accordance with the client’s financial goals, risk tolerance levels, tax status and special situations.

We also help manage working capital so that an enterprise continues its operations without or optimum hurdles to attain perfect harmony between assets and liabilities. IBG Fincon ensures the management of cash flow in order to meet debt obligations and operating expenses.

When it comes to managing working capital IBG Fincon provides consultation in managing working capital that reduces or nullifies the quantum required from external sources and if required provides options to the client to source the working capital. IBG Fincon also facilitates the negotiations to improve terms with suppliers in terms of longer credit period or an increased credit limit, or reduced interest rates.

capital management

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