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The key challenge for any enterprise is to operate in a sustainable manner. It is very important for any business or service or professional enterprise to adopt strategic planning to achieve its long term goals and objectives and optimize the present resources.

By working in multi-disciplinary manner, IBG Fincon delivers holistic thinking and insights to the Client to achieve sustainable growth and prepare for new opportunities and mitigate threats. We help client to improve their performance and optimize risks thereby ensuring the smooth functioning of the enterprise. Analyzing the problems, suggesting ways to overcome by providing improvement plans are the key functional approaches of IBG Fincon.

IBG Fincon is determined for "Delivering quality irrespective of nature and size of assignment"

Tax Planning

Depending on the type of business activity such as business enterprise or a business trader or a service provider or a profession, nature of the business or service or profession the Client has to pay various taxes which includes but are not limited to income tax, service tax, professional tax and various local taxes.

Our Tax Planning team comprises professionals such as C.A.’s having more than a decade of experience in taxation which identifies tax implications and offers pragmatic solutions to manage taxation in most efficient manner.

Depending upon client’s turnover, type of business activity, nature of the business, we select experts to ensure effective tax planning.

Tax planning for every client is unique and therefore IBG Fincon provides customized and personalized tax planning and managing consultation by identifying tax implications at various stages of activity, adopts the most tax effective approach for each transaction reducing the likelihood of any future disputes and litigation.

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